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AV RingtoneMAX 1.0


Product Name:AV RingtoneMAX
Version: 1.0
Platforms: Windows XP/Vista (32 & 64 bits)
Software bundle: Yes
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AV RingtoneMAX is a free and easy-to-use ringtone maker. This small tool will help you to create unique ringtones for your mobile phone from your own voice, laughs, or singging, from CD tracks, audio files, video files, and video clips. You can rip, cut, edit, or mix different audio tracks, or make a recording of your own voice, or add different cool and funny audio effects to the file. The final ringtone can be saved to any drive or sent directly to a cell phone via the Bluetooth sending feature of the program.

As a free ringtone maker, AV RingtoneMAX is very versatile and has several side benefits. It may be used as a voice recorder, audio converter, audio mixer, or to create small audio pieces for presentations, or to extract audio from video clips.

Fully supports all Windows OSs: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.



3-step wizard interface
Easy to use interface with 3 steps and clear instructions on each step.

Voice Recorder
Record your voice and add it to your ringtone.

Wave editor
Cut, rip, mix, edit any two audio files visually.

Accurate timing
Directly select any audio tracks with accuracy as high as 0.1 second.

Audio Effects library
Fade-in, Fade-out and ten additional vivid audio effects to color your ringtones.

File format converter
Convert the final ringtone into another file format to suit your need.

Bluetooth connection
Send the ringtone directly to your cell phone via a Bluetooth connection.

Supported input formats
Supports most input sources, both audio and video, including: .WAV, .MP3, .OGG, .WMA, .ASF, .AAC, .M4A, .MP4 file formats, CD tracks (.CDA), YouTube clips, and live sound from microphone.

Output formats
.MP3, .ACC

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Create impressive and unique ringtones that let people hear your personality.

Make your own unique ringtones of your own voice, laughs, or singing voice.

Have the ringtone on your phone right after you've made it.

Enjoy your favorite songs every time your phone rings.

Free song remixing tool.

Record your voice, laughter or singing for an unlimited time length.

Free tool to edit songs with cool audio effects and save on to your computer.

Convert the audio file formats to MP3 or ACC from different audio formats (.WAV, .MP3, .OGG, .WMA, .ASF, .AAC, .M4A, .CDA) to .AAC or .MP3 formats.

Easily and quickly extracts audio from MP4 video clips.