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Free online tutorials for AV software products

Audio4fun is proud to offer free online tutorials to advance your voice changing and music editing skills.

This is not only a source of quick and easy tutorials, but many ready-to-use samples for pro-chatters, urban hipsters, audio connoisseurs, tech-savvy kids, games addicts, music fanatics, music junkies, audio publishers, voice talents, music makers, voiceovers, music novices, music experts, etc. Whoever you are - you will definitely find something to entertain yourself.

If you find the information useful, feel free to print or bookmark these free online tutorials for later use. If you need more materials, send us an inquiry.

Tutorials for Audio4fun.com's Software Products

These pages list all useful guides made for users who want to learn how to use the programs or to master a feature of our product.

Tutorials for Voice Changer Software Diamond Learn how to make your voice sound like anyone or anything.

Tutorials for Music Morpher Gold Tidy-up and edit your music collection.

Tutorials for Video Morpher Learn how to play and edit movies using Video Morpher.

Tutorials for AV Webcam Morpher Discover the power of webcam morphing and then have fun in the video chat room with "nickfaces" and "nickvoices".

Tutorials for AV MP3 Player Morpher Find out how you can use this popular media player to morph and edit music with different sound effects.

Tutorials for Video Karaoke Maker Learn how to make your own karaoke music videos.

Tutorials for AV DVD Player Morpher Learn how to play and edit movies using DVD Player Morpher.

General Tutorials

Additional tutorials which are very helpful to anyone who owns an Audio4fun.com product.

Task 1: Troubleshoot the download

Task 2: Make audiobook with Voice Changer Software Diamond and Music Morpher Gold

Task 3: Buy product with a coupon code (NEW)