Gold edition

Why Plus version

  Features Demo version Full version  
Days of use 10 days Unlimited
Real-time Single Effects Combination Up to 2 Up to 4
Time of converting audio files Limited (1 minute) Unlimited
Saving edited files as new Limited (1 minute) Unlimited
Convenient Converter module (NEW) Limited Unlimited
Combined Voice Remover-Extractor Limited Unlimited
Voice Remover (Center Filtering Method) Limited Unlimited
Voice Extractor (Center Filtering Method) Limited Unlimited
New Morpher module (NEW) Unlimited Unlimited
Integrated Virtual Easy DJ (NEW) Unlimited Unlimited
Versatile Music Editor Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-track Editor Unlimited Unlimited
Pitch and Timbre Settings Unlimited Unlimited
Adjustable Effects Unlimited Unlimited
Simple Effects Unlimited Unlimited
Burner Yes Yes
Advanced Effects Yes Yes
Changing Tempo Yes Yes
Frequency Morpher Yes Yes
Robot Voice Yes Yes
Voice LPC Pitch Changer Yes Yes
Root Formant Mover Yes Yes
Cher Modulation Yes Yes
Advanced Tune Settings Yes Yes
Recorder Yes Yes
Root Formant Mover Yes Yes
CD/DVD Cover Yes Yes
CD Graber Yes Yes
Music Organizer Yes Yes
Visualization Yes Yes
DirectX Plug-in Yes Yes
VST Plug-in Yes Yes
Funny Space Yes Yes
Price 10-day free trial $99.95